Peripheral Neuropathy: Numb Nerves, Tingling Toes, and Burning Questions Answered

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In this episode of The Gates Way to Health Radio Show, Dr. Randall Gates, D.C., Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist, explores one of his favorite subjects: Peripheral Neuropathy. Common in Diabetes patients, Peripheral Neuropathy is often characterized by burning, tingling, or stinging hands and feet-- although it is not limited to these extremities. Many Peripheral Neuropathy patients have been told that their condition is untreatable. Dr. Gates is here to say otherwise. Tune in to learn more about the root cause of this chronic condition, as well as the steps Dr. Gates takes to treat it.

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  1. I’ve learned thru listening to you and Dr. Rutherford that this neoropathy pain in my hands and feet are from F/M. My local neurologist couldn’t figure why I have this. Since I’m not diabetic. But thanks to you’ll now I know. I’ve been forced to give up my job. And on SSDI. Since I’m unable to tolerate any stress. I was recently confronted with a stressful situation. My body spiked a fever of a 101.02°. Became so extremely exhausted could not even move from the recliner to my bed. 🙁 I hate living like this. Would there be any Grants available for future testing in these areas that I suffer? I’m currently on cobra. And stretched financially. Any advice would be truly appreciated. Kim C…PS: I was also physically & emotionally abused as a child. Along with head injuries. Thank you for your time.

    1. Kim, thank you for your comment and for calling in today! We have sent out your new patient packet and look forward to hearing from you soon. Hope you are doing well!

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