You know what they say on TV medical dramas…it’s never Lupus!
That is…until it IS Lupus, and it’s negatively affecting your life!
Now what?

What is Lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune condition that is typically characterized by achy or swollen joints, skin
rash, hair loss, and fatigue. Sound familiar? Lupus is more common among women than men
but can affect anyone! As an autoimmune condition, Lupus is a tricky condition to keep under
control. Stress hormones play a key role in the progression of Lupus, breaking down the
gastrointestinal barrier
which allows bacteria—in this case, enterococcus gallinarum, to escape
into your bloodstream and cause your immune system to attack your body.

How do we Treat Lupus?

At Gates Way to Health, we approach Lupus differently. Many of the standard
treatments for Lupus may treat the symptoms, but do not address the main cause. Our first
step in the diagnostic process is to figure why you have Lupus. To do this, we run a personalized
panel of laboratory testing to determine what genetic factors may be influencing your
condition. Maybe the culprit is heightened stress hormones in your body, or stray bacteria in
your bloodstream. We can test for that!
From there, we treat your condition from its roots using anti-inflammatory diet plans,
brain rehabilitation exercises, and natural supplements---all personalized for you by our staff
based on your needs! Every patient that comes through our doors is an individual and we strive
to treat them as such.

If you or a loved one are affected by Lupus and are seeking alternative treatment, give
us a call
at 833.DR.GATES to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Gates and start feeling better